More Like You

Haverfordwest Castle
Pembrokeshire, S. Wales
October 25, 2014


“The original castle is believed to have been first attacked by Gruffydd ap Rhys, Welsh Prince of Deheubarth, in 1135 – 1136. In 1173 the castle had its first royal visit by Henry II of England who passed by the town on coming back from a trip to Ireland. And visited in 1188, by the 3rd Crusade of Richard I, the Lion Heart led to the Holy Land.”


I am bound, but not by rope, chains or restraints, but for the love for a man. Feeling strength of your love in the surrounds without hesitation.

Its as if I am enveloped as our souls are tangled in overwhelming love. As I will always try to prove my worth, I am filled with your strength; long as I have you by my side, there will be no failing, only happy tears; to be myself and the person I long to become.

Last night you gently wipe the tears from my face, and held me in your heart, slept in your embrace and gave me nourishment. Now I look into your eyes and realize, you are the person that has been missing from my life for so long.

With you in my life, i need nothing more. You make me want to become more like you. I am yours and I will prove to you what you truly mean to me.

Thank you for holding me so tightly in your arms last night.
I love you.

“All the Colors of Green”
Chapter 7~ More Like You


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