How Could I Not

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I saw you and it was never going to be the same, smiling and laughing, too amused by our own silliness. It is you who shines through those blue eyes. When you look at me; its a look that personifies; these intense passions so obviously gifted at your birth, my sweet boy.

I love the way you think. How you sit back and let your mind look at every angle, pushing out your lower lip and raising your brow in that way of yours. Then you glance up, catch my eye, and those full lips curve into the perfect smile you reserve solely for me. I adore that smile. It has not changed once in all the time I have known you.

Feeling as if I have walked this earth for centuries; but we have only begun to take our first breath. I was there after you were born. We just didn’t know it. An intellect so serious even, for you have always been.

A quick wit and smart, and always enjoying the way you teach and how you speak in the many languages and as fluent in English as in French.

You liked to study and books from secret libraries eagerly devouring page after page of script. You liked to ask questions, and always so happy to discover the answers for your self.

When I went looking for you one day and found you snuggled on the couch in a book. Your eyes lit up when you saw me, melting my insides in a way I had never felt before, and i ran forward. We kissed, hugging me fiercely.

I have always been protective of you, loving you for who you were, but you, my love. I have watched you continue to grow in so many different ways to this very day.

It was odd and for me when I realized that I could fall in love with someone again. I had not counted on it being with one of my own kind. We are the same.

How could I not fall for someone like you; a love so well enough, appreciating everything about you…for exactly who you are.

Chapter 3
“All the Colors of Green”
~ How Could I Not


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