Safe keeping


My soul loves your soul. I imagine us and I think its your breath, smile, mind, body and face that makes me desire you so much. It’s an aching to feel wholeness.

We all want it sometime or another, I wanted it and it happened before I died.

It would have been so sad to think that no one could love me enough to have the time to write letter; to sort it out; until you came along.

Thats what gets me excited; why I feel the way I do; and it’s what we do for each other; its o amplify the effect that fate has on the us.

And no matter how much power someone possess, in the reality, desire is the only emotion that can open the universe and us.

Until it has been given or taken by the other; only then is love deemed worthy.

My heart floats around in my mind sometimes wondering if my attempts are working; if it’s possible to love you more than I do right right now.

I try to make you smile like you do for me. I have given you my desire and you have my heart now too, and so far, I think you’re keeping it safe and unbroken.

I love you.


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