Discover/ chapter1.1

I watched you drift off to sleep last night, Eyes heavy and fading.

They are so fragile and I noticed that they are the deepest blue; bluer than the deepest ocean, and sometimes delicate and unobtainable from where I am right here.

There is so much light and yet hidden from the outside in.

Only sharing bits and pieces of your story and it’s like the farthest reaching of space.

Of naked eyes, some out of my grasp and some which you fought to give me such; a glimpse of yourself beyond the darkness of this delicate boy into your world of breathless beauty.

I have found you and on each page, it’s opening wherever I look; a new chapter; it’s where your space is or was… confined in those pages of a book.

All I want now is you; and to read every word, line, paragraph and chapter of your being.

I promise to handle with care.

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