Wrapped up / chapter 1.2

I hugged him so tight, when I arrived, his head against my breast with a sigh shifting slowly lifted his head and he looked at me with a sweet nervous expression, but then frowned slightly.
I kissed his cheeks and I just gazed into his eyes quietly smiling for a while. I don’t know how sober I was or I wasn’t, and he didn’t ask, but was full of happiness and surprise that I came. He let out a small sigh slowly leaning in closer to me, his face softly pressed against mine. Without a word, he shed a single tear, as if relieved, that I was there with him. He kissed me like I had never been kissed before. It must have lasted an hour. Later that night we fell asleep, right there, on the bed. I think we stayed up all night writing. I think that kiss was my reward for helping Saint Paul. He was pleased with me just before I fell asleep and just before his last words that night I know, he said I hoped you would come here, in quiet voice and a bit shaky. I Breathed in, voicing his disbelief of his pleading with me. I’m was becoming a part of his life, already movingly taking the turns through the hallways of life towards a home in Wales. He doesn’t ask what just is…. I think he knows what he already knows and what everyone who has been on this ship knows. And after that this was the beginning of a new Heaven and Earth. This…this is Earth all over again. I tried to go to him before. In the hours after we’d boarded, I wanted to be with him , only to find it easy but tight and I was not to budge. He said stay, the called my name; Love. I am all wrapped in him.


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