Tea in the Morning chapter 1.3

Every morning when I awake there is a cup of tea to greet me and a boy with a beautiful smile. Sometimes he stays and talks awhile and then there are times when he wakes me with just the tea and a morning kiss. I love that. And I love the sound of the kettle boiling and when I can hear him stirring about even before the sun comes up, and sometimes I pretend to be sleeping. Awaiting his foot steps and I know it’s him because the boards in his bedroom creaking when he gets up and when he goes to bed. I love it that he is room is so close to mine; only a few feet away. I beginning to feel like Pavlov’s dog; It seems strange , but every morning i get so aroused and anxious for his company, awaiting the sound of a creaking floor, the tea kettle boiling, listening for his foot steps coming up the stairs with the tea, but oh I think it’s not really about the tea, it’s about his connection with him and me and his smile. Tea in the morning, it’s a gift, a type of love offering he brings to me. And that’s what I love about morning tea.


4 thoughts on “Tea in the Morning chapter 1.3

  1. Good to have tea or coffee and a morning kiss. Always a good beginning of a fresh day. I like your new poetry and view. History and new places make words have life and real purpose.


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