Last Red Dragon

Once I fell asleep in the grass
And as I opened my eyes,
Now awake, and looking around
Above me I saw an ocean,
The reddish-purple color
The evening sky.

I could feel the heat
From something rising,
Barely burning my skin,
Wondering if what I’d seen
If it had been real or not
Perhaps, I was chasing
A dream.

My eyes watering
From the mystic sunset
As I opened my eyes
Was I dreaming maybe…
Could it only legend,
Or Something I once read
Would I be, could I be
Proved wrong….

Lying next to me,
Outstretched behind
I noticed a slightly wrinkled
Piece of paper clutched tightly
In the ground,
slowly I read…

Newcastle Emlyn; the castle
It was of the old Welsh Cantref
It straddles the River Teifi
To the South in Carmarthenshire
And to the North in Ceredigion.

It’s rivers meander through meadows
A natural protection for the castle
To the North, South and East.

It’s flow is the River Teifi,
Creating a natural barrier for the castle
Once a motte and bailey
It is said to be the site
Of the last dragon in Wales.

th (1)

When Newcastle Emlyn fell
It fell to brave dragon-like warrior;
A Prince; Owain Glyndwr, who took it
For a Welsh keep, triumphantly.

When the dragon awoke, to take
He went into the Teife,
Wearing his large red cape
That he spread on the water.

When the enemy attacked
They went into the river,
Some drowned, some were spared
By the Dragon Prince,

Blood gushed from their bodies
The dragon took the river
Took over the Newcastle Emlyn
He saved the castle; Giving it back
To The Welsh and saved
From wrath.


The gate and a few walls
Is all that remains
A single tear ran slowly down,
Off my cheek landing on the paper
And tenderly kissed it,
As if I were kissing…
The last red dragon of Wales.



Some attribute the story to 1403
When Owain Glyndwr attacked the castle
Under the banner of the Red Dragon.

Owain Glyndwr was the last Welsh
To hold the title Prince of Wales.

Born 1359 into a powerful family
Of the Anglo-Welsh nobility,
During a time of relative peace
Between the tribes of Wales
And the English aristocracy.

The castle dates from 1240
Built by Maredudd ap Rhys Grug
The only Welsh castle in the area
Built of stone and the last.



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