Gŵyr or Penrhyn Gŵyr


In the Gower peninsula,
Gŵyr or Penrhyn Gŵyr,
It is a peninsula in South Wales,
Where it projects westwards,
Into the Bristol Channel.

From the north coast along
To the Loughor Estuary,
Where horses stand shallow,
In waves at high tide,
To appear to be walking on water.

To the South of the Peninsula
Characterised by sandy beaches,
Punctuated by tall craggy cliffs,
Rising out of the bay,
And its coves covered with sea life,
With its streams meandering along,
In the valleys before emptying out, into the sea.

its agriculturally sustainable
And self sufficient,
Where institutions rose, farming
Such as ancient courts, living, fishing
Of ploughing and hedging, sheep,
And harvest and harvesting,
The Gower is undoubtedly,
Wales most finest treasures.

To pay respect and take a close look at Arthur’s Stone,
the formidable megalithic tomb,which sits atop Cefny Bryn.

A twenty-five ton capstone was most likely a glacial erratic,
A rock carried by glacial ice,
The distance from the rock outcrop,
From which it came,
Where the builders dug beneath,
Supporting with upright stone,
Creating a burial chamber.

The remains of Sweyne Howes on Rhossili Down, Penmaen Burrows Tomb (Pen-y-Crug) and Nicholaston Long Cairn are there.

It is believed to be an erratic
A stone moved by glacial movement,
And it is thought earth beneath it,
The huge boulder was removed,
Nine plinths placed underneath,
so it could be used for burials,
In other ancient rites.

The Gower is where
Anyone can dream about a King,
About a story and a stone,
That can even maybe be about,
King Arthur’s last resting place.


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