Celtic Past

The mountains rise above me
And the valleys slope down below
Its as if the hills were born there
Through this land
The Welsh blood flows in it.

The trees that grow off it’s slate
Where red dragons once roamed
Their souls are soft, sharp and deep.
Welsh are solid with both feet planted firmly
On sacred ground.

Like the castles that still stand tall
Their rivers quench my own soul
As the water surround all sides
I know this is part me, of my home
And I would never leave it or you.

Its as if the trees are a comfort
I feel a sense of calm here
And I am amongst the free
The sea and thee
That splashes upon rocky shore
They are the last of a Celtic past
But I know it still it is alive.

And I give thanks for the beauty
To this my new home and for you
Bringing me here, for calling me back
And I will love you always for that
Thank you and
I love it and you even more.


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