Let it Rain

It rains almost everyday in Cymru. I love it because it reminds me of you. It’s different and alway changing and when I see before me looking out to see you as a palate of amber burning haze from the evening sun reflecting in your beautiful face. Sweet colours that flow against your body fair dissolving into the air.

There are these ideas of you that trickle down a rain drops slowly as the desire of thy hand upon ardent flesh come to me and go often as mid-summer rains often do. That, it’s when I know I am home when I don’t even mind if it rains every day here in Wales as long as you are with me.

My heart breaks like waves crashing upon her rocky shores like a fervent cry, as if it sobs to the moon, as bred lovers often do. These Winds that blow and cool my red-blooded soul like the red dragons willing arms with a heart to match finding sweet solace within its shield of honour.

I love the rain weeping down a tear of warmth of mid-summer mists, and I love your sweet rains and may they come often This land where the imagination lingers in my memory always. You fill me with such pride, so proud of you.

You are my mid-summer rains that blend us as two Into an amber burning haze. And I say, Let it rain.


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