The Bridge



The Severn Bridge, in Welsh is called the Pont Hafren, a suspension bridge spanning the River Severn and the River Wye between Aust, South Gloucestershire (just north of Bristol) in England, and Chepstow, Monmouthshire in South Wales.

Gloucestershire, is the peninsula between the two rivers and is the estuary of protected land for species of sea, bird, plant life.

The Severn crossing between England and Wales, took three and half years to build and was opened June 5, 1996, by the Prince of Wales, hailing it as the dawn of a new era for South Wales.

The bridge is a 25 span of viaduct on the English side, a of length 6,900 ft; 1.307 miles, and a 24 span viaduct of length 6,814 ft.
On the Welsh side and the bridge itself, 3,110 ft; a structure with 121 ft of navigational clearance, giving a total of 16,824 ft.

Like the bridge, when I saw it for the first time, it was a day of reckoning, and hope that there would be someone who was waiting for me in the midst beyond the bay.

Beneath my silky and smooth skin, there is this raging river flowing within my mind, eager to cross, and yet, somewhat cautious, and all the while I know there is this consciousness ruling my body.

This new bridge that I will dare to walk upon is my new beginning of what I seek and it is in the crevices of my mind, somewhere in between this longing to be loved, but more so to share it with the one I have desired and wanted for so long.

This bridge to my beautiful Wales, is my hope to uncover this truth of myself, a connection of truth of what I seek in my life, rather in our life.

So, let normality break the threshold of what I once knew to be true, and so I stand, rightfully so, where the right of passage between lovers, infusing and becoming, the lessor distance.

This blog is about life crossing over and loving someone enough, about changing and evolving. It’s about an American Girl in Wales. I hope you enjoy this beautiful place as much. Welcome all.

Love Katie

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